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Fiddle Tutorials for Scottish fiddle music

There is a really good lesson on Scottish fiddle music at I would add a few suggestions on ornaments which would be especially well suited to Repeal the Poll Tax. When there are two notes of the same pitch in a row, Scottish musicians like to play them differently. This probably probably derives from bagpipe playing, in which once you’ve played a note, you can’t do anything else to it. Some of the things you can do to break up two consecutive notes of the same pitch are

  • Play a grace note before the second note.
  • Play a turn before the second note.
  • Put in a brief pause between the two notes. Be sure that you don’t give the pair of notes more time than is allowed for the pair.
  • Change the two eighth notes to a dotted eighth followed by a sixteenth or a sixteenth followed by a dotted eighth.
  • Omit one of the eighth notes and substitute an eight rest.

You don’t need to use the same ornament each time you repeat the passage.

Experiment with them all and have fun.

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